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MY COLORFUL MESS was founded in 2017,
which Cheyenn Pinas could immediately start as a freelance Graphic Design and Illustrator Studio at home. In a short period of time My Colorful Mess is changing into an umbrella organization under which she has developed into a Multidisciplinary Designer. Where Cheyenn now also exhibits and sells all her work separately from the freelance work and also increasingly organizes events.

MY COLORFUL MESS is a collection of thoughts, transformed into images and physical art, from a colorful, energetic Designer. Who likes to share her abundance of inspiration and curiosity, with the rest of the world, in the most cheerful and colorful, creative way possible.



All the designs / work you will find here cannot be compartmented and that's a good thing. Cheyenn wants everything to work together and for every material to tell its own story, even if it comes from the same collection. Each item can be viewed together or separately. The intention is that the way of working and the outlook of Cheyenn through
MY COLORFUL MESS on the world, others inspire. But also to pass on certain messages without having to say them out loud or write them down

"I am a creator but also a storyteller. The colors Fuchsia Pink, Papaya Yellow, Mandarin Orange and Warm Lilac are my favorite colors, which I like to work with for private projects and I love to wear them. They are the colors of home. The fun I experience at home and the friends I surround myself with. You know, when color is a feeling!


With my diversity in expertise, working style and designs, I want to take people with me to live and work unapologetically. That's what I'm aiming for and I hope it all comes together on the MY COLORFUL MESS platform!"


Share Your Art ( S.Y.A.) | 2019

Share Your Art ( S.Y.A.) | 2021

Rotterdam Art Week | Unity in Diversity | 2022

Graduation Show | EXPOSURE | 2022

Dutch Design Week | 2022

De Fundatie Zwolle 't Nijenhuis | 2023

Rotterdam Art Week | Unity in Diversity | 2024


The Magnitude Project | Isis Fashion Awards | 2022 

Gi Yu - TRXNZ | The Hague Film Festival | 2023


NIKE | Wall Art | 2023


Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam | MBO Niveau 2 | Printmedia 

Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam | MBO Niveau 4 | Graphic Design

Willem de Kooning Rotterdam | HBO | Fashion Design

Hoge school voor de Kunsten Utrecht ( HKU ) | HBO | Product Design



Studievereniging DESco Utrecht | Mede Oprichter | Chairwoman &

Head of Committee Graphic Design

Share Your Art ( S .Y. A . ) | Volunteer / Organization Team

HKU Graduation Exhibition | Exposure | Managementteam

De Ambassadeur |  Chief Advisor | Scout | Head Designer

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