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High quality Jigsaw Puzzle print.  

1,000 pieces, 510 x 700mm


These are the most colorful, the nicest gifts to give or to receive! 

Complete the puzzle anddisplay it as a work of art in your favorite room. 

This puzzle is for all ages, but especially for people who love and can appreciate beautiful art works/designs. 


Please note that the photos are edited and as such do not represent the real life colors of the print. 


100% recycled cardboard, 1650 microns


All puzzles will be packaged in an eco-friendly seal bag or wrapped in tissue paper and put in cardboard boxes. 


Shipping time & fee
See detailed information here.

FLAMINGO HUGS Portrait Jigsaw Puzzle

€ 92,00 Regular Price
€ 46,00Sale Price
Excluding VAT
  • With a pre-order on the FLAMINGO HUGS Portrait Jigsaw Puzzle you get a 50% discount. 

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